FLOR® cauliflower twine

- Stops cauliflowers yellowing
- Automatically cover 10,000 plants per hour
- Saves a huge amount of time and effort
- Less work for your staff
- Suitable for all cauliflower varieties

The new mechanical method for covering cauliflowers.

FLOR® cauliflower twine protects the quality of your cauliflowers against yellowing and the impact of weather quickly and easily. With FLOR® and a new cauliflower leaf tying machine you can save a huge amount of time and effort. Plus this new method helps you achieve much higher yields with less hard work. And FLOR® finally puts an end to cauliflower yellowing. The twine is flexible and soft and is 100% biodegradable after harvesting.

FLOR® is an innovative cauliflower twine developed in the Netherlands for Reparatiebedrijf Kooy and Veenma cauliflower tying machines.

Save time and effort with FLOR® cauliflower twine

Covering cauliflowers or sewing the leaves together manually is extremely labour-intensive and physically tiring work. With a cauliflower leaf tying machine and FLOR® cauliflower twine, this can be done up to 30 times faster with much less physical effort. One worker can cover about 10,000 plants per hour. The machine has a production speed of 1 km/h and covers four rows at once. The machine pays for itself in about two years.

FLOR® protects your crop and puts an end to yellowing

Consumers don’t want yellow cauliflowers. With FLOR® cauliflower twine you can protect your cauliflower crop from discolouration. And this immediately translates into higher yields. But not only that: FLOR® cauliflower twine also protects your crops against dust, insects and hail. You can use FLOR® cauliflower twine on all cauliflowers – both long and short day varieties.

More better-looking cauliflowers with FLOR®

FLOR® cauliflower twine delivers higher yields by preventing yellowing. But FLOR® also ensures better wind ventilation of rows and better drying of plants. Sewing the cauliflower leaves together makes more room between the rows and allows the ground to dry out better, making harvesting much easier. Your cauliflowers will be less susceptible to rotting at the base of the stem and will be even more attractive than when covered manually. FLOR® even makes it worthwhile to grow tastier but trickier varieties again.

How FLOR® can help you post-harvest

The benefits of FLOR® cauliflower twine keep on going even after harvesting. For example, the leaves and the twine are easy to cut off during picking. FLOR® loses its strength immediately after harvesting. So any leaves and twine remaining on the ground afterwards are easy to plough in or mow. FLOR® is 100% biodegradable and degrades fast. So the field is soon ready for the next crop.


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FLOR Cauliflower twine

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